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General Appearance
The Australian Shepherd is a well-balanced dog of medium size and bone. He is attentive and animated, showing strength and stamina combined with unusual agility. Slightly longer than tall, he has a coat of moderate length and coarseness with coloring that offers variety and individuality in each specimen. An identifying characteristic is his natural or docked bobtail. In each sex, masculinity or femininity is well defined.
Three Australian Shepherds: Shalako

The Australian Shepherd should give the impression of an agile, alert, well toned animal both at rest and in motion. The dog should be slightly longer than tall with a well balanced forequarter to hindquarter development. It should be substantial without appearing to be coarse, cumbersome nor should it  give the impression of being fragile or overly refined. Sex should be apparent. An important indicator of type is the natural or docked tail.

A strong emphasis is placed on the appearance of moderation and balance in all aspects of this breed. The very purpose of the Australian Shepherd as a working stockdog requires fast reflexes, agility and endurance to accomplish it's task.

General Appearance
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