I wrote this glossary to provide online access to definitions of formal terms commonly used in both the Australian Shepherd and general canine fancy.
There are many aspects one might want in a definition: clarity, usefulness, standardization, accuracy, brevity, completeness, and precision. I have attempted to provide all of these in an easy to use format.

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Back: The region of the topline between the withers and the top of the hip bones. 
In the conformation ring, a term used to describe food used to entice a dog to give a pleasant, alert expression. "Baiting" is the act of presenting the food to the dog.
A term used to describe the harmonious relationship of all parts as whole
Barrel Chest:
Rounded or barrel shaped rib cage.
Barrel Hocks:
Barrel or Open hocks rotate outward past an imaginary line drawn between the hip joint and the foot, causing the rear feet to point inward. Also called "spread hocks".
Bat Ear: A broad, erect ear with a distinctly rounded top. 
The underpart or floor of the abdomen
Composed ot two colors
Female dog
The relationship of the upper and lower teeth to each other when the mouth is closed. Types of bites include scissors, level, overshot, wry.
A white marking running up the center of the face from the muzzle to the forehead.
Broad and wide compared to the length, square in appearance
A coat in optimum condition and length. In excellent health.
Blowing Coat:
Seasonal shedding of the hair coat
Blue Merle: A coat pattern of marbled gray and black patches, swirls and spots
A naturally short tail or a tail docked to appear short
The relative circumference of the leg bone to the body size. A dog with proportional mass to height ratio is said to have "good bone"
Brace: In conformation- two dogs of similar type, movement and markings shown together at the same time. In obedience, two dogs belonging to one owner are shown together at the same time while performing specified obedience exercises.
Breeches: The longish hair found on the back side of the upper and lower thighs. Sometimes called 'Britches'
The area between and just behind the front legs
An infectious bacterial disease that can be sexually transmitted between dogs, causing sterility and spontaneous abortion of whelps
The irregularly shaped cartilage structure inside the cupped portion of the ear
Butterfly Nose:
A spotted or partially pigmented nose that is often found in merled breeds.
Button Ear:
An small to moderate triangular ear that folds forward with the tip lying close to the skull, in proximity to the eye and completely covering the opening to the ear canal so that no part of the inside of the ear is visible.

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