I wrote this glossary to provide online access to definitions of formal terms commonly used in both the Australian Shepherd and general canine fancy.
There are many aspects one might want in a definition: clarity, usefulness, standardization, accuracy, brevity, completeness, and precision. I have attempted to provide all of these in an easy to use format.

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Dam The female parent
The number and arrangement of the teeth. Australian Shepherds should have a full compliment of 42 teeth aligned in a scissors bite.
Dew Claws
A vestigial metacarpal bone and claw found higher on the leg so that, when the animal is standing, it does not make contact with the ground. Often removed to prevent it from catching on objects and tearing the leg. 
Loose, pendulous skin that hangs from the chin, throat and neck. A fault in the Australian Shepherd.
To shorten or remove all or part of the tail. The Australian Shepherd is a docked breed except in those countries where the procedure has been banned.
Down Face The plane of the muzzle drops down and away from the plane of the topskull 
Down in Pastern
A weak or faulty pastern (metacarpus and/or metatarsus) set at an incorrect angle
a. The propulsion and extension of the rear leg assembly
b. The desire to do a particular action (herding drive, prey drive, ball drive)
c. To push livestock forward (drive them towards a pen)
Free from wrinkles and folds of skin. Taut skin.
Dudley Nose
Flesh colored,weakly pigmented or unpigmented nose. In the Australian Shepherd, a nose lacking all pigment is considered a Dudley nose.

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