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Thank you for visiting our website. We currently have no puppies available. Our next litter is planned for early in 2017.

  • We want to know that you have contacted us after doing research into various breeders and have determined that we are the right breeder and breeding program for what you are seeking. If you are looking for bargains and any breeder and litter will, we are not the right breeder.
  • We ask that anyone interested in a Shalako pup contact us by e-mail with an introduction (name, location, history, expectations for a puppy) and open up a conversation with us. From there we can both decide if our planned litter will produce the type of puppy you are seeking.
  • The first consideration we have for our puppies is to go to a home where they will thrive. We do not allow our puppies to be placed in new homes based on coat or eye color alone, these are actually the two  least important things when picking a puppy to add to your family. The two  most important aspects of picking a puppy are; personality and what kind of a job or activity that puppy will have when he/she gets older. 
  • We work hard to raise genetically and structurally sound puppies who are athletic, intelligent, biddable and make great competitors and family companions. By the time we place our puppies, they will have been started on leash breaking, house breaking, crate training, recalls and swimming pool awareness. They will have been placed on variable surfaces, exposed to different sights, sounds and people, wormed and vaccinated as appropriate for their age. Our puppies are raised indoors as part of our families and we expect that to continue into their new homes. If shedding bothers you, then this is not the right breed for you. If you intend to keep the dog as an outdoor dog, a kennel dog or crated for long hours after the pup is housebroken, then we are not the right breeders for you.
  • By getting a Shalako puppy, you are accepting the lifelong responsibility and care for your dog as a member of your own family. Our puppies are special and deserve special homes. They will need training, attention and exercise every day. They must be taught how to behave, how to be good citizens and welcome members in public places. This doesn't just happen by growing up, they require time and effort through substantial dedicated hours of training.

  • Pricing: Companion/Performance 1200.00
                 Show/Performance 1500.00

  • We are not a discount dog breeder. We are dog owners, exhibitors, judges, and trainers with decades of success in all areas. We breed dogs with a purpose and function. We care about the future of our puppies and where they will be for the rest of their lives. We invest time in health clearances such as OFA of hips and elbows, DNA testing for significant diseases, annual eye exams and we maintain communication with our owners to keep up with how our pups are maturing and fitting in.

    We are happy to answer specific questions about our crosses and we encourage you to contact us with them.

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